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Personal Security

Safety measures used to secure a person or a group of persons by one or by a group of bodyguards, an escorting car may be used if necessary.

Bodyguarding driver 

Bodyguarding driver has passed special training, very much experienced in driving cars of representative class in extreme and defensive sitauations. He knows the conditions of the road on routes of special state of affairs.

The operative-technical inspector

The inspector is searching for electronic equipment that gets and forwards info illegally, as well as searching for explosive equipments in cars or rooms.


Complex service in standing security for VIP clients, business parties, showbusiness celebrities and other persons. 

Complex service is the complex of the measures of security of the person or the group of persons being safeguarded with personal guard, organizing operative-technical undertakings, providing with a body-guarding driver of representative class of cars, reserving and choice of rooms in hotels, providing with qualified legal help.

Bodyguard training

Organizing trianing of boduguards on the territory of Estonain republic and elsewhere.


The choice of workers that guarantee security, suitability of qualified requirements set by client.

Bodyguard testing

The diagnosis of psychological readiness for bodyguarding activities.

Security worker testing 

Diagnosis of guards for psychological readiness guarding the stationery objects.

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